What’s the one stop destination for everyone when it comes to watching their favorite entertainment videos, web series, or listening to their favorite music artists? That’s right – it’s YouTube! With the ease of internet access, everyone on this entire planet can stream numerous videos and audio files on YouTube. However, since it is an online streaming platform it would be disappointing to see your songs buffering all the time in case of slow internet access, right? To help you with this situation, we can explain how you can download any freely available YouTube to mp4 converter and easily change the format of your videos from YouTube to mp4. 

Any software or online website that lets you convert your YouTube files to an mp4 format is referred to as the YouTube to mp4 conversion. It is pretty easy to convert these files using numerous YouTube to mp3 converters available on the internet that help you convert YouTube to mp3 files in less than a minute! These YouTube to mp3 converters offer you a variety of advantages such as easier batch processing of large files, little to no quality loss, and fast conversion of YouTube mp4 files. 

Now there are a variety of ways you can convert YouTube to mp3 files either on your PC by simply downloading YouTube mp4 converter software into the system or use the available YouTube mp3 converters on the internet and do the same. 

Here are a couple of ways for you to easily convert video and audio files from YouTube to mp4 format. 

How to convert YouTube to mp3 using VLC Media Player

One of the most popular and widely used YouTube to mp4 converter software is the VLC Media Player. The great thing about using this YouTube mp3 converter is that apart from being a YouTube mp4 converter is that it also comes in with additional and exciting editing features. 

To convert your downloaded file from YouTube to mp4 format using VLC Media Player, follow the steps given below – 

  • Download the VLC Media Player software in your system.
  • Open the VLC application
  • Go to the ‘File’ menu and select the ‘Convert/Stream’ option from it.
  • A dialogue box will appear on the screen
  • Click on the ‘Open Media’ option from this box.
  • Now select your downloaded YouTube file which you wish to convert. 
  • In the next section select the ‘Choose Profile’ option and click on the ‘Customize’ option.
  • If you wish to convert your file from YouTube to mp4 format, choose the ‘mp4/mov’ option.
  • Now simply select the ‘Save as new profile’ and you have successfully converted your file from YouTube to mp4 using this YouTube to mp4 converter

Online YouTube to mp3 converters – 

The internet is abundantly filled with online YouTube mp3 converters that are pretty easy to use and offer you faster conversion to convert YouTube to mp3 files. The steps to felicitate this YouTube mp4 conversion are quite similar for almost all the platforms. 

  • Open the YouTube website and search for your video/audio file that you wish to convert using the YouTube mp4 converter
  • Click on the video and search for the download button below the video.
  • Download your video in the system.
  • Now, open the YouTube to mp3 converter website on your preferred web browser.
  • Either select the downloaded file from your system or directly paste the video URL into the search bar of YouTube mp3 converter
  • Now wait for the downloader to convert your YouTube to mp4 file and download the converted file in your system. 

How to convert YouTube to mp3 using YTMP3 Converter – 

The YTMP3 Converter is an online tool and a very useful YouTube mp3 converter that does not require you to download any software and is freely available to use. All you need is a stable internet connection to access the TTMP3 YouTube to mp3 converter. The advantages of using this YouTube to mp4 converter is that it allows you to easily convert even 1-hour long videos in just a few minutes offering faster conversion. 

  • Launch the web browser of your preference and open the YTMP3 website. 
  • Now copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the search bar of the website.
  • Select the ‘MP4’ file format from the given options of file format.
  • Now click on the ‘Convert’ button.
  • Select the ‘Download’ option and you have now easily downloaded your YouTube to mp4 converted file.

Some of the most commonly used YouTube to mp4 converters with a thousand user reviews and easy to follow interface are as follows – 

  • AceThinker video keeper – it offers an impressive download speed by increasing your bandwidth offering you to download heavy videos in just a few minutes!
  • YtoGo converter – if you want to convert YouTube to mp3, mp4, mpv, or any other format you can do so with YtoGoconverter. It eradicates the commonly faced problems of low resolution, conversion limitations, and low download speed to offer you high resolution video/audio files in no time. 
  • Bigconv – The Bigconv YouTube to mp4 converter offers you conversion and download of high quality fast videos and even allows you to search music by simply entering the song titles in their search bar. 
  • A2converter – this is a very famous YouTube to mp4 and YouTube to mp3 converter that allows you to convert YouTube videos and audios into numerous formats including mp3 and mp4.
  • Converto – another famous online converter for YouTube mp4 conversion, Converto allows you to convert your videos as per the specific time frames. You can even trim the video for the parts you want to keep and download it without any disruptions. 
  • Kapwing – if you are looking for an online YouTube to mp3 converter that allows you to edit the file as well, Kapwing is the right tool for you. It allows you to edit your downloaded files, trim the length, upload media, and many other features. 

What are the benefits of using such YouTube to mp3 converters?

  • Faster conversion 
  • High quality data availability 
  • Free to use websites 
  • Compatible with android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Easy to use 
  • Safe and secure platform
  • No installation is required