1 8 cup to tbsp

For all the passionate cooks and midnight snackers who are trying to follow an online recipe – do you know what the difference between a tablespoon and a cup is? Most of the recipes will tell you to add quantities of ingredients in terms of cups or tablespoons. However, it is important the difference and the link between the two. One of the most confusing measurements for people is to know how to convert 1/8 cup to tbsp and to know how many tbsp in 1/8 cup

A lot of recipes are dependent on this measurement of 1 8 cup to tbsp that can make your dishes stand out! So, let us start with some basic information to help you understand about the concept of measuring ingredients using cups or tablespoons, and answer what tbsp in 1/8 cup measurement really means. 

Commonly used units of measurements in cooking

If you read cooking instructions and recipes to your favorite dishes, you will find the measurements to be in terms of ‘tablespoon, teaspoon, or cups’. These units of measurements refer to the quantity of any ingredient that can be accumulated in it. These units are –

  • Teaspoon – a teaspoon is the smallest unit of measurement for any sort of liquid or solid ingredient. 1 teaspoon is equivalent to 5 ml of liquid. 
  • Tablespoon – a tablespoon is one of the most widely used unit of measurement which is equivalent to three teaspoons  
  • Cup – a cup is used when the ingredient quantity is higher. 1 cup is equivalent to 16 tablespoons, meaning 1 8 cup to tbsp means there are 2 tbsp in 1/8 cup

How many tablespoons in 1/8 cup?

So, to answer the greatest questions of all time… how many tbsp in 1/8 cup? It is 2 tbsp! As 1 cup is equal to 16 tablespoons, 1/8 cup in tbsp conversion suggests it is equal to 2 tbsp.

Hence, if a recipe asks you to add one-eighth of a cup of any ingredient, it means that you need to add 2 tablespoons of it. Hence, next time if you have any confusion regarding how many tablespoons 1/8 cup, you know that the answer is 2 tbsp. 

Now you might be wondering if this conversion system is the same for both solid and liquid ingredients, well yes! Whether your ingredient is a solid or a liquid, there is always 2 tbsp in 1/8 cup as per the unit measurements.

Just to clear up all your doubts, here are conversions of some of the most commonly used ingredients which will explain to you the 1/8 cup to tbsp concept of measurement. 

  • Flour – Flour is a base ingredient in the majority of dishes and needs to be measured correctly to do justice to your recipe. The measurement here is the same, as the concept goes: 1 8 cup to tbsp converts to 2 tbsp – if you wish to measure 1/8 cup of flour, you weigh 2 tbsp of it. 
  • Sugar – When it comes to sugar, there are 4 tbsp in 1/8 cup of sugar. Therefore, be careful while adding one eighth cup of sugar using tablespoons as there are 4 tbsp in one eighth cup of sugar as per its 1 8 cup to tbsp conversion. 
  • Butter – If you are wondering how many tablespoons are there in just one stick of butter the answer is 8 tablespoons. Hence, one stick of butter measures equal to 8 tablespoons of it. 

How to measure 1/8 cup in tbsp?

In order to measure exactly one eighth of a cup, you need to know that tablespoon size varies as per the different areas round the globe. For instance, if you want to know how many tablespoons in 1/8 cup of any ingredient as per the US sized tablespoon, you will be adding 2 tbsp of it to your dish. However, if you are using tablespoons from Canada, New Zealand, or Australia you will be adding 3 tablespoons of your ingredient instead of two, since according to the unit measurements of these nations, 1/8 cup in tbsp means 3 tablespoons. 

Tips to ensure you measure ingredients accurately 

  • Always make sure your tablespoon is flat and even on its surface or else you might end up measuring inaccurate quantities of ingredients. 
  • Ensure that you are using a liquid tablespoon to measure a liquid and a solid tablespoon to measure liquids. Mixing both will give you false measurements. 
  • Even after measuring your ingredients in a tablespoon, you should always cross check it using a measuring cup and see if it reaches the exact amount. 
  • If you want your ingredients to be measured precisely, you should not shy away from using a digital weighing balance.
  • Double checking never hurts! 

Conversion table of tablespoon and cup for measuring ingredients 

Now that we have established that 1/8 cup to tbsp conversion suggests that 1/8 cup weighs 2 tablespoons, it is good for you to understand how other measurements work based on the same concept – 

  • 1 cup of an ingredient is equivalent to 16 tablespoons that is equal to 48 teaspoons
  • Three fourths of a cup is equal to 12 tablespoons of an ingredient that is also equal to 36 teaspoons.
  • Half a cup of any ingredient means 8 tablespoons suggesting 24 teaspoons.
  • One fourth of a measuring cup is equivalent to 4 tablespoons of any ingredient, equal to 12 teaspoons
  • As answered above – how many tablespoons is 1/8 cup? One eighth of a cup is equal to 2 tablespoons and 6 teaspoons. 

How to convert tablespoon measurements to ounces?

Just as the tablespoon to measuring cup concept goes, tablespoon can be converted to ounces as well in case you are willing to measure an ingredient in ounces, or if your recipe specifies so. As per the unit measurements, one cup is equal to 8 ounces of liquid. Hence, 1/8 cup to tbsp conversion in ounces would mean it is equal to 4 ounces. 

A dessert spoon! 

We often mistake a dessert spoon to be a teaspoon. However, in reality, a dessert spoon is a bit larger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon. Hence, 1 dessert spoon is equal to 2 teaspoons.